About Bryan Mon

Draw, Draw, Draw and Draw Some More.

Bryan has been employed as a staff artist by The Walt Disney Company and Cartoon Network. Additionally, he has embarked on several personal projects, one of the more recent of which is self-publishing the super-hero comic book, Unstoppable Tuff-Girl.

Unstoppable Tuff-Girl – Making Your Own Hero.

The super-hero, action adventure comic book, Unstoppable Tuff-Girl, has developed into an amalgam of just about everything that co-creators Bryan Mon (artist, writer) and Merrill Hagan (writer) love about the comic cooks and science fiction of the 1970’s and 1980’s.

The character, Tuff-Girl, was originally created for a short feature story in the fifth issue of Johnny Ortiz’s Silver Comics. Where Silver Comics was full of powerful male characters, Bryan and Merrill decided to go with a decidedly female hero.

Tuff-Girl the book became a strange anthology of three distinct story lines: a) proper continuity Tuff-Girl stories; b) stories told from Wichita’s, the dog, point of view; and c) Little Tuffy and the Tuf-Gurlz stories supposedly based on the characters that Tuff-Girl created as a teenager.

Commissions – Better Than Poke in the Eye

At the few comics convention appearances he makes to promote Tuff-Girl, Bryan takes commission orders to do sketches to order. In association with each convention appearance, he also takes on a few advanced commissions about 4 weeks prior to each con.

Cartoon Network – Jack, Ben and Finn.

From 2001, with the launch of Samurai Jack, Bryan has touched most of major Network series launches up through Steven Universe. Primarily creating character art and illustration for marketing and advertising the Network’s new and hit shows, for the first eight years, he also helped create much of the character art used for the licensing side of the business – mostly the action shows.

With some technical experience, Bryan also contributed greatly to many of the large 3D builds, most of which associated with an event including the following: booth designs for San Diego Comic Con for three consecutive years; inflatable designs for Finn, Mordecai, Rigby and lots of Land of Ooo candy people; Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends float for Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade; and a few sections of “Tooner Field” play area at the Atlanta Brave’s Turner Field.

Disney Consumer Products – Puppies, Toys and Princesses

Bryan began his career with DCP, as a character artist working on programs associated with the live action movie 101 Dalmatians.

In five years, he created character art for the film launches of Toy Story 2, Mulan and Tarzan. As “Disney Princess” was becoming its own brand, Bryan contributed several stylized designs of Snow White, Cinderella and Belle.

New Century Timepieces, Disneyland, U.S.A. – Making Faces

For five years, four of which concurrent with being a staff artist at DCP, Bryan worked as an advertised Disney Character Artist, in the Main Street clock shop, drawing and painting personalized art on display to passing guests.